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Youhua Co., Ltd. entered the field of green energy in 2004, specializing in the production of various vegetable oils including industrial lubricants, rubber processing oils, environmentally friendly plasticizers, paint processing oils, boiler fuel oils, and motor oils. From planning and building production equipment to selecting vegetable oil raw materials, there are professional development teams to check, strictly abide by production standards, and lead the industry in technology. They have also developed a unique castor ester friction reducer, which has been affirmed by the industry innovation competition!

――A good partner for innovation and breakthroughs in response to environmental protection trends――

┃ 2007
Formally restructured Youhua Co., Ltd., with its own production plant, R&D laboratory and product testing room, engaged in the manufacture of fatty acid methyl ester production system equipment and oil production, and became the oil supplier of Taiwan PetroChina.

Invest in research and development of plant-based environmentally friendly plasticizers, mechanical processing and agricultural-related industrial oils, and establish core research and development capabilities for plant-based oils.

Choose castor oil, which has a history of more than 70 years in the lubricant industry, as the raw material, and invest in the research and development of lubricant additives to overcome the incompatibility and easy oxidation of castor oil and engine oil while retaining the natural lubrication and anti-wear properties of castor oil , Gelling and other issues, successfully developed a highly lubricating environmentally friendly vegetable ester engine oil additive.

The castor ester engine oil anti-friction additive was successfully developed. After more than a year of testing and certification by a third-party impartial unit, mass production began, and it was supplied to engine oil blending plants and provided engine oil additive foundry services.

Actively develop more diversified plant-based vehicle additives and launch the "Vehicle Additives Private Brand G-MARS". The series of products include: anti-friction additives for engine oil, gasoline performance enhancer, diesel performance enhancer, and engine oil seal anti-leak agent.

Successfully developed "vegetable rubber processing oil", which is used in the manufacture of rubber soles to increase the elongation of rubber products and meet the relevant requirements of preventing hardening and aging. High-quality products are loved and affirmed by the well-known footwear industry!

In response to the global environmental protection trend, it invested in the research and development of industrial application oils, and successfully launched "100% vegetable-based environmentally friendly cutting oil (oily/water-soluble)" and "industrial lubricant additives".
G-MARS vegetable ester engine oil anti-friction additive won the "Innovative Product Award-Bronze Award" at the Taipei International Auto Parts Exhibition. It is the only 100% vegetable additive in the market and attracted the attention of buyers from many countries at AMPA.

Won the "Product Innovation Award" in the Taichung City's Outstanding Industrial Innovation Award, creating an environmentally friendly and excellent lubricating performance of automotive additives.

The pigment coating manufacturer commissioned the development and successfully developed a "plant-based environmentally friendly processing oil" refined from pure vegetable oils, which is environmentally friendly and harmless. It can be used in water-based coatings to change its physical properties, so that the product has better ductility and softness, and the coating has higher gloss.

After being affirmed by the industry, G-MARS, a vegetable ester vehicle additive brand, Youhua continued to invest in innovative product research and development, and launched the "G1 Performance Edition" series of products to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Our Services

● Rubber processing oil
● Environmental plasticizer
● Environmentally friendly base oil
● Paint processing oil
● Boiler fuel oil
● Lubricating oil ester additives
● Friction reducing agent, extreme pressure agent
● G-MARS car oil
The products span rubber industry/plastic industry/petrochemical industry/paint and coating industry/environmental ink/automotive oil and other related peripheral industries, and all kinds of vegetable oil customization, OEM, ODM foundry services.